De-Dust 2020 Project



Welcome to the consultation website for the proposed De-Dust 2020 project at Port Talbot Steelworks.

This website provides information on Tata Steel’s application for full planning permission for the demolition of existing structures accommodating the secondary dust extraction system for the sinter plant and installation of a replacement secondary dust extraction system, including a bag filter system comprising a 6 storey structure, pipework and ducting, chimney stack (55m tall), electrical equipment, hard and soft landscaping and associated development. The site location is illustrated on the map opposite.

Tata Steel has submitted an application to Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council, which has now been validated and is open for comment. The final application can be viewed by using the reference P2018/1036 on the Council’s website.

The De-Dust 2020 project’s ambition is to:

  • Provide a significant investment in the operation of the Sinter Plant.
  • Use the best available technology in the secondary dust extraction process.
  • Comply with environmental legislation.
  • Reduce dust emission into the environment.
  • Improve working conditions within the Sinter Plant.

Scheme benefits

Once operational, the replacement bag filter system constitutes best available technology. It will reduce the dust emissions from the secondary de-dust extraction system at the Sinter Plant as follows: 

  • Reducing secondary de-dust emissions from approximately 40 mg/m3 to less than 10 mg/m3.

The proposed development will result in a 75% improvement to the dust emissions from the secondary de-dust extraction system.

Pre-application consultation

As part of the pre-application process we undertook a round of consultation on the proposals. Whilst the project is not considered major development, we undertook the consultation in line the with the Planning (Wales) Act 2015 in order to engage with stakeholders and the wider community of Port Talbot. The comments received during this period were taken into account and formed part of the final planning application.

Site plan

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You can view the final planning application documents, and comment on the application, on the Council’s website.

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